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Ambulance Service in delhi

Hanuman Care is one of the most reliable and affordable ambulance service in Delhi. We provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance service to patients in need. We have a team of highly trained and experienced paramedics and drivers who are always ready to provide the best possible care to our patients. We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. We also have a dedicated customer support team who are always ready to help our patients and their families.

There are a number of ambulance service provider but the Best Ambulance service in Delhi is Hanuman ambulance. The services and availability of Hanuman ambulance makes it the top ambulance service in Delhi.

The most basic facilities available in an ambulance are medical equipment, oxygen, and a stretcher. More advanced facilities may include a defibrillator, IV equipment, and medications. Some ambulances also have specialized equipment for dealing with specific medical conditions, such as cardiac arrest or stroke. BUT Hanuman ambulance services have the latest life-saving machines such as ventilators, ECG machines, Life supporting machines.

We provide a variety of other services such as air/train/road ambulance service in Delhi. Hanuman Care is committed to providing the highest quality of care and service to its patients. We have numerous numbers of ambulances with various customizations as per the distinctive situation like ICU Ambulance, Basic Ambulance, Mortuary Ambulance, and much more.

Hanuman Care, the best leading ambulance service in Delhi, has been building a reputation of excellence in the medical field. Our primary focus is to provide life-saving medical transportation and care to those who need it the most. Our team of highly trained and certified professionals are available 24/7 to provide the highest quality care possible. We are proud to be the best ambulance service in Delhi and will continue to provide our clients with the best possible care.

Hanuman Ambulance service is one of the most prominent service providers in Delhi. We are the leading ambulance service in Delhi and are being delivered 24 hours crisis to each niche corner of Delhi. We serve our best to save the patient’s existence by offering fast support at reasonable rates. Our Reliable ambulance service in Delhi is the most expense impact and practical medical facility for the fundamentally sick average person or accident patients. We must save the patient’s existence by giving them an early prescription.

Our Ambulance Number in Delhi is +91 9264198199, open for 24 hours and the entire day to give a brief answer to every single call. We are only a click away from a patient coming by Air AmbulanceTrain Ambulance, and Road Ambulance.

We are dependably on toes to reach in a most limited range of time. We comprehend the sensitivity of the work so that we can save the existence of the patient. We work for the advancement of humankind. We run every way of Delhi, NCR constantly at a reasonable cost. Our ambulance is completely medically outfitted with all highlights like cardiac life support, infusion pumps, present-day ventilators and ICU office, and lifesaving medicine to give emergency treatment to the patient. Our services are valued by all driving hospitals as we gave submitted quality and reasonable rates, which has made us most confided in the brand in areas of Delhi, NCR.

                                                                        In an emergency, Book an ambulance with a single click; call us at +91 9264198199.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes! The ambulance would take you to your desired hospitals. At the time of booking the call center executive takes care of the patient’s preferred location and extracts the location on the map and forward it to the ambulance driver reaching meantime at your location. When a patient is clueless about the hospital then only, we intervene and take the necessary steps in reaching nearby hospitals for quality and better medical facilities.

You can directly dial- 9264198199 and book your respective services. Our call center executive takes care of the rest and gives you a hassle-free experience while looking for pre-hospital care services. If due to network limitations you cannot place a call, you can write us at and we will give you an immediate call. We are user-friendly.

You can call us at- 9264198199, we generally revert to a call within 3 -5 minutes. After the confirmation of a booking, we send the ambulances which take 15 minutes to reach. We hardly drop any cool, we always give a callback.

It is affordable and budget-friendly. It does not ask for any unfair charges or for any additional money from the patient’s family. Our call center executive gives the estimated fair of transit respectively according to the distance and types of services patients is looking for.

We have multiple different types of ambulances. Advance Life Support Ambulance, Basic Life Support, Mortuary Ambulance, Neonatal Ambulance, Patient Transport Vehicle, Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, and more. You can choose as per your need and further requirements.

Give us a call on 9264198199. our call center executive will guide you throughout the process and make your booking confirmation within a limited hour. They make the fastest reservation for the patient. We provide paramedics and nurse teams to assist patients throughout the journey. All the necessary arrangements are done in prior. We provide the bed-to-bed transfer.

Air ambulances take 8 - 10 hours of time for making the flight available for medical transit. After the confirmation of a call, the team makes the necessary arrangements, and it's ready to go. For any information, you can easily contact the individual who’s on the other end of the call with you. We make it a hassle-free and easy experience for your transit.

Note:- We offer emergency medical transportation services nationwide via road, train, and air ambulances. Contact us for any emergency.

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