Best Ambulance Service in Ranchi

AmAbulance service in Ranchi

Hanuman ambulance service is the best ambulance service in Ranchi. For over 4-5 years, it has been continuously transferring patients for better treatment across India and beyond. The highly experienced staff makes it easy for people to provide the best emergency service, at a reliable cost. Our experienced staff is available 24/7 to make patient transport possible easier.

The consideration during the Critical Hour is to reach out to the patient and their families when the Emergency Medical Service, Ambulances are enacted by the patient. Our Skilled Medical Technicians bring Basic and Advance Life Support medical considerations direct to the patient, be it at the patient’s home, work, or Hospital.

At health-hazard contact us for all types of Ambulance in Ranchi to avail ALS /BLS Ambulance offering features like – Bed to Bed patient transfer, Relatively Low cost, Best Quality Management, and timely evacuations. Throughout the transferring of patients, we make sure our Doctors and paramedics constantly monitor the health conditions of the patient. Our ICU Ambulance in Ranchi is equipped with a ventilator, suction pump, infusion machine, oxygen cylinder, etc. With our every single ambulance at least a single professional doctor including Critical Care consultants, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Orthopedic, Anesthesiologist, and others along with a trained nursing staff is accompanied for the special care of the patients. There is no need to wait just makes us a call to book our specialized ground ambulance.


Hanuman has the fastest and most equipped ambulance in Ranchi with well-trained medical staff. We assure you of the comfortable transportation of your patients. Hanuman intends to serve humanity and we have pledged that nobody dies waiting for an ambulance. We have effectively transferred the sufferers too who require ICU Ambulance, and Ventilator Services. We are also providing Air Ambulance and Train Ambulance in Ranchi as well as Road Ambulance for transferring patients outstation.

It is very crucial to be acquainted with the maximum dependable ambulance service providers. You want to understand the proper emergency ambulance wide variety inside the city and close by regions consequently, Hanuman exists. We aim to offer such services that make the town feel that “if we get stuck in an emergency, Hanuman could be there to assist.” We have an exceptional medical team in Ranchi as a long way as the ambulance services are concerned.

Why Choose Hanuman Ambulance Service in Ranchi

  1. Book an Ambulance from Anywhere with a Call or a click-through app
  2. We provide the fastest ambulance services at the most affordable prices
  3. Real-time tracking efficiently with Google Maps. 
  4. Our medical staff is highly experienced.

With our well-trained and hard-working medical staff, we offer you the best ambulance service in Ranchi and nearby areas. In a time of any medical emergency, Hanuman will reach you with a call on the call center number 9264198199 for the best ambulance services across Ranchi. We have pledged to serve humanity so, keep calm and trust Hanuman.

Note:- We offer emergency medical transportation services nationwide via road, train, and air ambulances. Contact us for any emergency.

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