350 ambulances are on-boarded across Bihar with channel partners across Delhi, NCR, Mumbai and Jharkhand, our Value Proposition is 24*7 availability of ROAD/AIR/TRAIN ambulance in all districts of Bihar. Customer’s book ambulance through app, there are 3types of ambulances available from basic support, ICU services, Mortuary vans etc.

We ensure to monitor the vehicle quality matrix, with drivers turn-around time, personal hygiene, ambulance booking and drop time, GPRS locator for each vehicle.

Customer’s feedback is highly valuable for us thus every complaint is registered and driver’s performance is monitored colour grading wise. We calibre and maintain driver & customer’s feedback for compliance.



Nursing At Home

Home Health Care has been caring for people in their homes, offering a full range of home health care services including personal care, homemaking, therapy and nursing services.

But beyond the medical and personal support, Hanuman offers more to our clients by not just considering their condition but their character.

Hanuman brings the comfort and support you need at home with the right customized plan to preserve your loved ones independence and safety to help them live better.

Blood Donation To Society

Blood Donation

Hanuman Blood service is an initiative to connect, digitize and streamline the work flow of blood banks across the nation.

  1.   Whole Blood
  2.   Platelets
  3.   Double Red Cells
  4.   Donating for Yourself  (Autologous Donation)
  5.   Donating for Someone Else (Directed Donation)


Blood sample

Diagnostic at Home

We have empanelled with Pathkind, Thyrocare, Apollo diagnostics, Saral labs and local labs in are empanelled on our app to Customers can book home

diagnostic using Hanuman App and based in the geographical demographic of the lab, based on price comparison customer can choose his preference and book sample collection from home. It can be booked across Bihar, we are aggregated with test labs with National presence and few local labs for sample testing, our phlebotomist are trained for end to end process from appointment booked to sample collection, sample submission in the lab to collecting results online. Each phlebotomist is trained and ensured that they follow SOP’s and maintain hygiene for their and customer’s safety.

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